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We're still here for everyone who is worried about osteoporosis

Even with the gradual lifting of coronavirus restrictions, life is unlikely to get back to normal any time soon, especially with the continuing strain on the health service.

To help reduce the worries and concerns of those who are newly diagnosed, we've made four short videos that explain more about osteoporosis, how it is diagnosed and treated, and how you can improve your bone health to avoid broken bones in the future. These videos can be viewed by anyone on our website at

Now we urgently need to address other important issues that we know people with osteoporosis are very concerned about - and that may include you too.

Lots of people living with osteoporosis are eager to know how to:

  • Manage their pain
  • Prevent falls and fractures
  • Improve bone health from the food we eat
  • Strengthen bones from exercise and physical activity

These are just some of the questions that people have been asking. Today, you can help us provide materials that answer them.

Making more resources available online means people can access essential information from home

- Craig Jones, Chief Executive

Please help us continue our vital work

With the NHS currently under such pressure due to coronavirus, it’s even more important that anyone who is concerned about osteoporosis can turn to us for the support they need.

There is so much that we must continue to do, to provide information and support for everyone affected by osteoporosis – but we just can’t do it without you.

By helping us provide these essential resources, you will not only enable members and supporters like yourself to live well with osteoporosis, but you will also give everyone who wants to know more about the condition easier access to the information and support they so desperately need.

- Bec Hanley, Patient Advocate

“I wish these new videos had been available when I was first diagnosed.”

I was incredibly shocked by my osteoporosis diagnosis. It really undermined my sense of self. It’s two years since I was diagnosed but I still find the new Royal Osteoporosis Society videos reassuring. They make the information more user-friendly and easier to take in, and they’re useful both to people with osteoporosis and to family and friends who may want to support you.

I’m really glad there are plans for more materials about diet because I’m interested in how I can eat well to improve my bone health. I’m also pleased to think that, if we all get behind the Royal Osteoporosis Society, there will be more resources to answer many other important questions that people with osteoporosis might have.

That’s why any gift you can make today is so important.

To support our vital resources for everyone affected by osteoporosis, please donate today

We urgently need your support. If you can spare a gift today, you could help us make more resources that will provide reliable answers to important issues.

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned in the past year, it’s that we’re stronger together.