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NIDON currently has 20 radiographers who carry out DXA scanning.

We welcome new members and the network is free to join.

NIDON is established as a Northern Ireland DXA Operators Network under the umbrella of the Royal Osteoporosis Society.

NIDON was established with the aim of:

  • Facilitating the opportunity for DXA radiographers to meet and discuss issues and share best practice relating to DXA & osteoporosis services in Northern Ireland.
  • Providing a forum for networking and discussion of Northern Ireland specific issues. The group will also be offered education by external speakers.
  • Providing a forum for supporting service and quality improvement.


Upcoming meetings

6 October 2021

Guest speaker: Jill Griffin, Clinical Lead - Quality Improvement, ROS & Consultant Practitioner University Hospitals, Plymouth NHS Trust

  • ROS DXA reporting Standards
  • Best Practice & Quality: DXA pitfalls and errors workshop

Previous meetings

Around 30 people attended the DXA Network meeting held in Antrim from across Northern Ireland. The meeting focused on:

  • Standardising DXA Scan Technique
  • Offering a practical DXA Measurement Quality Measurement Workshop
  • Vertebral fracture identification opportunities in DXA scanning

NIDON Steering Group

  • Chair & BHSCT Representative: Lynsey Blair
  • SEHSCT Representative: Lisa Edgar, Olive Kirk, Francis McMurray
  • NHSCT: Jacqueline Shaw, Lynne McKee, Kathryn Trainor, Julie Allan
  • SHSCT: Mark Cunningham, Laura Fitzsimmons
  • WHSCT: Adele Phair and Ann Marie Higgins
  • ROS: Mayrine Fraser, Jill Griffin