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Dental appointments and osteoporosis treatments

The Royal Osteoporosis Society Helpline is hearing from patients who have been told they need a dental check before starting denosumab or bisphosphonates. But getting a dental appointment during the pandemic has been difficult and treatments have been delayed.

Sarah Leyland, ROS Clinical Adviser and Specialist Nurse, put some questions to Dr Nicola Peel, Metabolic Bone Specialist and Chair of the ROS Clinical Committee, about whether a dental check is necessary and making sure patients get the osteoporosis drug treatments they need.

Osteoporosis treatment and the COVID vaccine

"We can reassure people taking any of the treatments for osteoporosis that it is safe to have the COVID vaccine and that their treatment will not interfere with the effectiveness of the vaccine, even if it is given on the same day,” Nicola Peel, Chair of the Clinical Committee ROS.

Coronavirus and osteoporosis

Denosumab (Prolia) treatment and the COVID-19 pandemic

Continuing denosumab treatment is important. Manage osteoporosis patients taking denosumab (Prolia), during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Webinar: COVID-19 support: Prolia® (denosumab) injections at home

Professor Mike Stone shared his experience with Prolia® self-administration. Hosted by Amgen.

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Vitamin D guidance from NICE

See the NICE guideline on the use of vitamin D in the context of COVID-19.

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Toolkit: DXA restoration of service

Evaluate when and how to reopen DXA services safely following shutdown due to COVID-19 and within contemporary Government restrictions.

The toolkit supports clinical decision making on:

  • When to safely restore
  • Who to scan as a priority on restoration
  • How to do so safely

Designed for:

  • DXA service managers
  • Clinical leads
  • Radiographers and technicians

Evidence based, and designed in collaboration with nationwide DXA clinicians and services.

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This material was developed with the assistance of a grant from UCB. UCB had no input or editorial control over the design or content. 

Guidance: Secondary fracture prevention for inpatients during COVID-19 pandemic

Many older patients with fragility fractures are being cared for outside of normal orthogeriatric wards, as hospitals predesignate wards to manage COVID-19 patients and their rehabilitation.

If you're caring for older patients with fragility fractures through the COVID-19 crisis, this document supports you to:

  • Deliver best practice assessments and treatment decisions to prevent further fractures
  • Ensure patients are discharged with a care package to manage ongoing fracture risk
  • Enhance your CPD in a field of medicine that you may be less familiar with

Useful for:

  • Clinicians caring for patients in wards that do not normally receive fragility fracture patients
  • Medical and surgical doctors of all grades
  • Nursing teams
  • AHPs, such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists
  • Ward pharmacy teams
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White paper: Delivering core NHS and care services during the pandemic and beyond

Understand the challenges facing MSK and osteoporosis services in the COVID-19 crisis. Enable the restoration, rebuilding and resetting of services, through the peri-COVID-19 phase and into a new era.

This white paper, submitted to the Parliamentary Health Select Committee, discusses:

  • Our stall for leadership in osteoporosis healthcare
  • Issues surrounding osteoporosis in the COVID-19 period
  • The importance of taking action to prevent further fractures as we Restore, Rebuild and Reset

Useful for:

  • Service leaders
  • Commissioning leads
  • Political lobbyists
  • Service providers
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Virtual clinical consultation toolkit:

This toolkit supports effective and safe clinical consultations undertaken via telephone or video.

Best practices for effective and safe virtual clinical consultations on FLS and osteoporosis
  • To ensure effective planning of virtual consultations
  • Step by step measures to consider to ensure consultations are effective for both the clinician and patient
  • Links to important support for virtual consultations

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Virtual Fracture risk assessment and clinical consultation template
  • Editable for services to adapt and use in practice to their specifications
  • A 'script' to adapt and follow covering clinical governance and techniques to deliver effective consultations and FRAX assessments virtually

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This toolkit is designed specifically for bone health, FLS and osteoporosis services.

Evidence-based and designed in collaboration with Keele University and ROS professional members.

Information for your patients

Video and telephone consultations - information for patients

Information to give to your patients to support video and telephone consultations

Visit our web page with a range of coronavirus and osteoporosis information for your patients.

Osteoporosis: Your questions answered 

Experts and people living with osteoporosis answer common questions about osteoporosis and bone health, including:

  • What is osteoporosis?
  • How is osteoporosis diagnosed?
  • How do you treat osteoporosis
  • How do I keep my bones healthy?

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