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Denosumab (Prolia) treatment and the COVID-19 pandemic

Continuing denosumab treatment is important. Manage osteoporosis patients taking denosumab (Prolia), during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Toolkit: DXA restoration of service

Evaluate when and how to reopen DXA services safely following shutdown due to COVID-19 and within contemporary Government restrictions.

The toolkit supports clinical decision making on:

  • When to safely restore
  • Who to scan as a priority on restoration
  • How to do so safely

Designed for:

  • DXA service managers
  • Clinical leads
  • Radiographers and technicians

Evidence based, and designed in collaboration with nationwide DXA clinicians and services.

Guidance: Secondary fracture prevention for inpatients during COVID-19 pandemic

Many older patients with fragility fractures are being cared for outside of normal orthogeriatric wards, as hospitals predesignate wards to manage COVID-19 patients and their rehabilitation.

If you're caring for older patients with fragility fractures through the COVID-19 crisis, this document supports you to:

  • Deliver best practice assessments and treatment decisions to prevent further fractures
  • Ensure patients are discharged with a care package to manage ongoing fracture risk
  • Enhance your CPD in a field of medicine that you may be less familiar with

Useful for:

  • Clinicians caring for patients in wards that do not normally receive fragility fracture patients
  • Medical and surgical doctors of all grades
  • Nursing teams
  • AHPs, such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists
  • Ward pharmacy teams

White paper: Delivering core NHS and care services during the pandemic and beyond

Understand the challenges facing MSK and osteoporosis services in the COVID-19 crisis. Enable the restoration, rebuilding and resetting of services, through the peri-COVID-19 phase and into a new era.

This white paper, submitted to the Parliamentary Health Select Committee, discusses:

  • Our stall for leadership in osteoporosis healthcare
  • Issues surrounding osteoporosis in the COVID-19 period
  • The importance of taking action to prevent further fractures as we Restore, Rebuild and Reset

Useful for:

  • Service leaders
  • Commissioning leads
  • Political lobbyists
  • Service providers


Fracture prevention - restore, rebuild and reset: Delivering core NHS and care services during the pandemic and beyond

A series of three interactive expert roundtable webinars, exploring how to optimally deliver effective, accessible and equitable fracture prevention in the peri- and post-COVID-19 environment. Hosted by the ROS in partnership with UCB Pharma Ltd.

  • 19:00, Thursday 16 July - Restoration built upon reflection
  • 19:00, Thursday 23 July - Rebuilding our osteoporosis services peri-COVID-19
  • 19:00, Wednesday 29 July - Resetting the osteoporosis narrative

The content of these webinars is intended for healthcare professionals only. To register, please click the button to confirm you are a healthcare professional.

Job code: IE-N-DA-PF-2000028
July 2020

Seeing the light: Does Vitamin D have a role against COVID-19?

Is vitamin D more important for our health than we thought and does it have a protective role against COVID-19? Expert speakers review the emerging evidence in an educational webinar. Hosted by Thornton & Ross Pharmaceuticals.

18:00, Thursday 9 July

Treatment of in-patient vertebral compression fractures in a post-COVID world: Concepts and solutions

With Professor Opinder Sahota, Mr Robert Lee, and Dr Steve Morgan. Hosted by Stryker.

19:00, Wednesday 29 July

COVID-19 support: Prolia® (denosumab) injections at home

Professor Mike Stone, who will be sharing his experience with Prolia® self-administration. Hosted by Amgen.

Available to watch on demand.

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COVID-19 and osteoporosis
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Video: Coughing safely and comfortably

Specialist Helpline Nurse Niki:

  • Demonstrates techniques for bracing the upper body when coughing or sneezing, so patients can cough more comfortably and effectively
  • Shares methods for easing any pain patients might have after coughing or sneezing 

Video: DXA scans during COVID-19

Clinical Team member and radiographer Jill explains:

  • Why scan appointments may have been delayed during COVID-19
  • That a delayed scan is not an immediate cause for alarm
  • What patients can do if their scan has been delayed

Video: Hospital appointments during the pandemic

Osteoporosis Nurse Specialist Mayrine explains:

  • What hospitals are doing to help keep patients safe during face-to-face appointments
  • What patients can do to keep themselves safe when they attend
  • That the bone health benefits of the appointment outweigh the risk of coronavirus