Leading Change, Adding Value is a framework, developed by NHS England, for all nursing, midwifery and care staff. The National Osteoporosis Society provides a range of services to support nursing and care staff, as well as the wider health care workforce, to achieve the aims set out in Leading Change, Adding Value.


Leading Change, Adding Value aims to close the three gaps identified in the Five Year Forward View. Nurses and care staff can use the resources provided by the National Osteoporosis Society to achieve these aims in relation to the care of people at risk of and with osteoporosis. 

Leading Change, Adding Value aims:

Closing the health and well-being gap: practicing in ways which prevent avoidable illness, protect health and promote well-being and resilience

Our services and resources:

For staff: Nursing and care staff can complete the online Fracture Prevention Practitioner Training. This will give them an understanding of the causes of osteoporosis and the tools to support patients to improve their bone health. NOS training and events also support nurses with their professional revalidation.

To use with patients: nurses and care staff can signpost their patients to the range of patient leaflets and booklets available from the NOS. These publications can also be used by staff to help patients understand osteoporosis and bone health. Our nurse-led helpline also provides support and information to patients to improve their understanding of osteoporosis and their resilience for living with the condition.

Closing the care and quality gap: practicing in ways which provide safe evidence-based care which maximises choice for patients

For staff: the NOS produces clinically assured, evidence-based guidance for services to use to ensure they are providing safe and effective treatment for patients. Our guidance includes: Fracture Prevention Practitioner Competency Framework, Clinical Standards for Fracture Liaison Services and Guidelines for the provision of a clinical bone densitometry service. Moreover, our health professional training and networking events, including specific networks for Allied Health Professionals, support the sharing of best practice and creation of equitable service across the UK.

To use with patients: raise awareness amongst all patients, and potential patients, of the risk of osteoporosis by sharing our Stop At One resources and quiz to encourage patients, wherever they live, to seek the care they are entitled to. 

Closing the funding and efficiency gap: practising in ways which manage resources well including time, equipment and referral

For staff: our Service Delivery Team, made up of registered health professionals, engage with front line staff and commissioners to disseminate good practice from around the UK and to set up or improve a Fracture Liaison Service (FLS). The NOS team will give support preparing a business case (including up to date, evidence based clinical pathways) and evidencing the cost benefit such a service has on the health economy. Our FLS Implementation Toolkit provides NHS services with pre-made resources, saving you time and providing the opportunity to learn from best practice examples from across the UK. Our Peer Review service supports osteoporosis and metabolic bone health services to improve their use of resources and quality of service by providing peer feedback from expert reviewers.

To use with patients: the NOS recognises that nurses and care workers are often under a great deal of time pressure and may not be able to spend as much time with their patient explaining their condition to them as they would like to in an ideal world. Our Patient Information Events and Support Groups provide patients with an opportunity to learn about their condition and give and receive peer support alongside the clinical support they are receiving.

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