Strong, Steady and Straight

An Expert Consensus Statement on Physical Activity and Exercise for Osteoporosis

Developed alongside leading clinical experts, Strong, Steady and Straight aims to give you the information and tools you need to advise your patients on correct exercises and movements that may:

  • Promote bone strength to reduce fracture risk
  • Reduce falls risk
  • Help with the pain and symptoms associated with vertebral fractures

You need this statement if you're:

  • Advising patients or clients who have osteoporosis, increased fracture risk or fragility fractures
  • Seeking clarity about what exercise is safe and effective for your patients to promote bone strength, prevent falls and fractures and help with vertebral fracture symptoms
  • Treating patients with painful symptomatic vertebral fractures
  • A Pilates or yoga instructor with clients seeking clarity on what exercises are safe and appropriate for people with osteoporosis, increased fracture risk or fragility fractures and what modifications to consider

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